Character Modeling – Babushka Zbrush Detail Sculpt

No response, Nov 23, 2009

Here’s some progress on this lady. I’ve been doing other things on her since the last post as well, like working on her rig, but I finally got around to diving headlong into Zbrush and doing some detail sculpting. There are more things wrong with this than I’d like to mention (and probably another bajillion that I don’t notice), but for a first go in a program as weirdo and intimidating as Zbrush, I’m pleased. Next comes color and the rest of texturing.




Oh, and as Paige reminds me: “She needs eyeballs.”

Character Design – Babushka 3D Information

1 response, Oct 23, 2009

Here’s an update on this action. Base 3d model is finished, now I need to UV map it, and do some detail sculpting work in zbrush. Then it’s on to painting. Then rigging. We’ll see if I can catch up to the rest of the class who’s already rigging.




Patton Kitty.

2 responses, Oct 23, 2009

Cute and War-Hardened are hard themes to mix. This is what came out. At least he doesn’t look like Oliver, like the one I sketched before it did.


Character Design

1 response, Oct 18, 2009

In storyboarding this semester, we’re designing all kinds of stories with characters and the like in them. These all need to be designed, but we’re all used to just drawing models and our roomates and stuff on TV, so our designs are kind of lacking at times. At least that’s the case with me. In any case, here’s some character designs for a story about a hipster-artsy kid with an art collector/curator mother and her fancy house.




Nine-Eleven and Bureaucracy.

5 responses, Sep 11, 2009

So it’s the 8-year anniversary (anniversary? that sounds weird) of September 11th, 2001. I was at the World Trade Center last May. It was my first return to the address since the first time, when I bought Dippin’ Dots on the observation deck and stood on the roof. Here’s what was there last May:

Click to go to a flickr page with an 8900×7000 original for download.

Commemorate and remember however you wish, but in my opinion, I think it is ridiculous that that is all we’ve managed to accomplish in 8 years. The design process for the new WTC buildings began in November 2001, when LMDC was formed for the purpose and the process that followed involved countless groups, committees, competitions, and politics and did not end until a design was finally selected in January 2006. Surveying did not start until March of 2006. The new WTC1 wont top height until 2010, almost ten years after the originals fell. It wont be ready for business until 2013.

For contrast, the design process for the Empire State Building took 2 weeks and involved one man. Construction officially began on January 22, 1930. The building opened for business May 1, 1931.

Character Design – Babushka

2 responses, Sep 08, 2009

Knowing I would be taking the character design studio class this semester, as I wandered the streets of Moscow, I thought before hand about what character I would devote an entire semester to designing, drawing, modeling in 3d, texturing, rigging with bone and joint structures, and animating. There was only ever one real choice: a Russian babushka. Unlike our American Grandmas, Russian Babushki are like uber-grandmas. They can pave entire roads with entire pallets of various fruits and vegetables balanced on their backs while yelling at you to dress more warmly because it’s 70 degrees and that’s jacket weather for-heaven’s-sake!

Here are some in-progress model sheets. These are used as references for 3d modeling.

Click for bigger, stay tuned for more.

Moscow Sketchings

No response, Sep 04, 2009

So considering the “exotic” locale and the time I spent there, I did a disturbingly small amount of sketching in Russia over the summer, but that’s the way it is.  Part one of my Moscow (half) sketchbook!





Click em for big versions.

This Is Why I Don’t Get It When People Complain That They Can’t Get A Job

1 response, Aug 28, 2009

Here’s a blog for all 6 of you who read this.  I see this kind of stuff everywhere, and I’m sure Paige is sick of me pointing it out.  Can’t seem to get a job doing “business” with your Business degree?  Just throw some utter crap together and get a design job.  Employers LOVE terrible design.  They think it is the greatest thing that you can shrink people’s legs down to disturbingly tiny sizes to fit them in the add “better” or that you can clone stamp out a person walking next to them leaving a disembodied hand because you’re too lazy to repaint a hand.  How long must good designers suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a…    wait, I lost my train of thought…

More PIES!

4 responses, Aug 26, 2009

I think this is the final part of this image.  It’s a backdrop for a pie-eating flash game.  I swear this is all somehow related to online education.

pies-logo-wallpaper-02As usual, click it for a HUGE version.


No response, Aug 24, 2009

My job continues to be weird.  Here’s a couple hours out of my workday:


Click for a 1080p version.