Character Design Final – aka WHOA NEW POST

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And so is vanquished my final semester of actual, real college. The only thing between me and an actual diploma (just the one, despite completing 2 majors. THANKS, BYU!) is a measly online course to be completed at my leisure.

On a professional level, I’m still at Avalanche (aka Disney Interactive), working on a title that I hope will be announced soon because typing out “Unannounced Title” is almost as annoying as having to type out “(aka Disney Interactive)”.

On to the arts!
One of the last classes in my college career was a character design class taught by Ryan Woodward of “Thought of You” fame. I’ve been posting some of my more successful pieces on Facebook because no one looks at my blog when I just link to posts on Facebook, but I’ll throw the final up. In school lately, I’ve been coming up with broad concepts for larger projects and then using that setting to fuel individual assignments across multiple classes. In other words, if I’m taking a digital painting class, a character design class, and a storyboarding class, I’ll try to do a painting, design some characters, and storyboard a sequence all base on related subject matter so they all relate to each other. It helps flesh out an idea in a variety of ways while fulfilling assignments and giving me a pre-built base from which to draw my design.

So I’ve had this idea for an adventure/racing video game set in a world where it always has been and always will be the 70s (hyper-70s!). The general storyline is based off of the Cannonball Run outlaw cross-country races (the real races, not the stupid and/or so-bad-it’s-good movie). I have been working in this setting on various projects for a few months now, as I initially created it for an environment project at work. That’s still in progress, but unfortunately on hold, but I did a ton of design and storycrafting to help fuel that, so for Ryan’s character design final, where we had to design 4 characters and several environments, all from one story, I decided to go with my 70s project and really produce some conceptual personalities as well as a look and feel for how humans look in this world, as well as nail down some story beats while I was at it. Like I said, fleshing out a broader idea through multiple projects.

Each have synopses to read. Feel free to read them or not. ARTS:

One Of Many.

No response, Oct 27, 2011

Work. Working. Much work.

One drawing of many.

Dropping off or picking up?

No response, Sep 24, 2011

A Janine for the modern world.

Special thanks once again to The Sartorialist, one of the best art reference blogs of all time.

Continuing shenanigans.

No response, Sep 12, 2011

Paige categorized this as a “Bananapus” since “it’s head is like a big banana!” As good a name and reason as any.


No response, Sep 10, 2011

Anthony Holden put the word out on his blog about a call to arms for the Internets about a guy named Mike. Mike is a special-needs pensioneer who spends his days working at a fast food place and amassing an impressive collection of Superman comics and memorabelia. Cool. Not too long ago, a dick that worked with Mike pretended to be his friend and feigned interest in his Superman collection long enough to get an invite to go check it out, after which he promptly stole it. Not cool.

The Internet has saw fit to flood Mike with all new, mostly all original Superman memorabilia to help him get started on his new collection and show him that the world isn’t full of super-dicks. Here’s my effort, done in good ol’ pen-and-ink on real paper. Mike will get the original, of course.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman as he is the least-interesting comic book hero of all time. Invincibility has a way of watering down the drama. Then again, Superman is kinda boring UNLESS he was real. THEN he would be the most badass thing anyone’s ever heard of. Here’s hoping these drawings make him a little more real for a big fan.

PS I would be remiss if I posted this without mentioning the likes of Joe Olson and Chris Battle whose styles I mercilessly ripped off for this piece. Standing on the shoulders of giants.

The Silent Maid

2 responses, Sep 01, 2011

The first assignment in our character design class has always been a french maid, but Ryan got sick of that this time and switched us to other things, so I felt gypped and drew one as a cool-down anyway. Proper arm/hand anatomy seemed to elude me this drawing, and I’m too lazy to fix it in Photoshop. She’s based off a photo of silent movie star Anita Page.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang…

No response, Aug 28, 2011

It seems that no matter what playlist I check out on Spotify “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra is on there. Indie hits of August 2011? Nancy. Popular covers and originals? Nancy. Hip hop classics of 1996? Nancy. I don’t know what it is, but Spotify LOVES this song, and I got sick of looking at her swagger on the album cover so I stole her soul by drawing a picture of her.

Avalanche Art Blog Post

No response, Aug 24, 2011

The theme was CYBORGS. So instead of making something really cool, I painted this:

Check out the rest of the waaaaay more talented ladies and gents on the official Avalanche art blog:

Meeting scribbles..

No response, Aug 17, 2011

Here are a couple of doodles done during meetings. I’ll have more stuff in the next week or so as I have a lot of project progress I haven’t posted.

More Dailies.

No response, Jul 01, 2011

I guess they’re more like quasi-dailies. I often miss days, but I try to start the work day with a drawing. I’m doing mostly 3d environment work, but I feel drawing gets me focused on creative things as opposed to distracting Internet things.

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