How Do You Diagram A Sentence In ASL?

2 responses, Jul 07, 2008

Each course here at Independent Study needs an over-all splash package consisting of banners, title graphics, and the like in order to tie the whole thing together. What these are and what they contain is generally left up to the artist, but it’s always at the discretion of the course designer. For ASL, the course I’m currently working on, I thought, well when you learn a vocal language, you work a lot with learning how to form sentences and where which words should go and what tenses and cases they’re in, so the equivalent for sign language must be fancy diagrams of hands and fingers and the like. Thus, I drew out hands in the ASL positions and threw together some fancy faux-infographics for them as if they were diagrams. It didn’t pass as the designer was looking for something more traditional, but I still like my first idea better.


No response, Jul 03, 2008

I like bread.

Hungry? Grab a Completely Non-Branded Generic Candy Bar That Isn’t Snickers!

1 response, Jul 01, 2008

The parade of paintings of inanimate objects continues with a candy bar that isn’t a Snickers! I had a choice to either use the even-more generic “CANDY”, but I went with my own name because I’m narcissistic. We artists can be like that.

I’m actually not that proud of this one, but deadlines, so whaddyagonnado?

Robots Make Me Cry, Apparently.

1 response, Jun 27, 2008

As a wannabe artist, walking out of a fresh, shiny, new Pixar film leaves you with a cornucopia of conflicting emotions including child-like glee, a naive hope and optimism, biting self-loathing, feelings of inadequacy, and a strange urging desire to run home as fast as you can and draw the most inane objects like refrigerators and gas pumps because holy crap did they look awesome and interesting in the movie.

Meep meep.

1 response, Jun 26, 2008

Progress 01

Progress 02

Progress 03

So working for BYU Independent Study presents a lot of random projects, most of which you would never choose to undertake yourself. You’re forced to do them regardless, though, and it usually ends up looking pretty good. The ASL course I’m on right now has a lesson that calls for pictures of a whole mess of random inanimate objects, the largest of which was a car, so I grabbed a stock photo and was off to the races. Some of the lines and perspectives are off a bit, but considering I only started digi-painting at all a few months ago, I’m pleased with (and sick of) it.

Bloody Blogs.

1 response, Jun 26, 2008

So I had this all set up nice and everything was peachy, but then I ran out of things to post for a long while. Suddenly, I decided I had things to post again, but my login no longer led anywhere and all WordPress’s backends that run the blog just came up as blank pages. Hence, after flushing the database and reinstalling, it’s back. Enjoy the random (and at times disturbing) headers.

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