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No response, Dec 04, 2008

So today was one of those days I realize just how awesome my current job is and how much my potential future jobs will rock even harder. Yes, this is what I did at work today:



Color version tomorrow.

Las Vegas

1 response, Dec 03, 2008

So I think as proud as I am of my changing banners up there, I’m going to have to get a new WordPress theme.  This current one kills my backend so I can’t login and update without logging into my ftp and moving the whole theme folder while I update and then moving it back.  I see that there’s an update, though, so maybe that will fix it.

Thus, I haven’t written much, but it’s time again for me to stop not writing and start writing again.  Hopefully that works.

So Paige and all of her writing center kin hosted the International Writing Center Convention this year.  Yeah, I had no idea either.  In any case, they booked a little, out-of-the-way place in Vegas and lit nerds from the world over flew in to discuss podcasting and run-on sentences or something while I tagged along to draw.  I thought I was going to have a whole ‘nother day to sketch, so I spent some time just wandering around listening to electronica on my ipod, but I did get some sketching done, and I tried out Prismacolor markers for the first time ever.  I’m a big fan, but my lack of finesse with them makes me sniffle the tears of the budding artist.  It was killer fun, though.  I never found sketching so easy as it was when I was in a foriegn place for the sole purpose to sketch.  No deadlines, no assignments, no one around that required my attention: just me, my ipod, my sketchbook, and a whole bunch of freaks:

New York, Prismacolor Markers

City Center constructionThis is the CityCenter that has been underconstruction for the last little while: condos, hotels, casinos, theater, monorail transportation, and retail.  The largest privately-funded construction project in the Americas.

Trumplol, I colored Trump’s ugly building pink.

Bellagio 1Trying to speed-sketch the Bellagio fountain show.

Bellagio 2The Bellagio fountain again.  I kinda messed this one up by noodling the water streams with too many layers.  It should be much more subtle which would actually make it seem a lot more atmospheric, but I layered it too much and flattened it out.

FlamingoOne of the underdog casino’s facades.  The Flamingo had some kind of bachelor(ette)/drunk party in the outside bar who would just sit there until they saw someone in a costume they liked (it was Halloween) when they would shout whoever the person was supposed to be and take shots.  Thanks to them, all I can think of when I see this drawing is “CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!!”

So like I said, not much from Vegas, but whatever.  I’ll work on the theme and updating more regularly and all that.  Until then, I’ll keep in touch.

The “Ghost” Project and Color Scripts.

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So although I’m not actually in the program yet, I’ve been working on this year’s Senior Film (code-named “Ghost”, more on titles later) since making films always requires way more work than you actually have people to do.  My task since I started has been dealing with color and how color serves as a story-telling tool, and the first step after all of the talking, hypothesizing, and theorizing dies down is to script out the color changes for the entire film.  These color swatches are generally called “color scripts” and are done scene-by-scene in order to document each major color change and establish the mood that is being conveyed.  As a result, a film’s color scripts all together essentially play out the entire film in color, showing establishing moods, rising actions, conflict, and resolutions.

The above 2 scripts that I have done are the first, opening shot, and the first color change that occurs when one of our beloved characters kicks-it.  Hopefully the change in mood is stark enough to penetrate the minds of even the most half-witted viewer while still retaining continuity in setting and time-of-day (dusk).  The 2nd script was a real bastard to get nailed down.  The version above is probably the 5th or 6th go at it.

How’d I do?

Pete’s Lunch

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Vacations leave little time for blogging. At least as far as I’m concerned. However, my artistic endeavors have not all been completely stagnant, and school is starting and I’m in drawing mode for the next 9 months or so so I can get into my bloody major, so expect– nay, DEMAND more postings, and artworks from me.

This is a retro-mock-band poster that is supposedly circa 1969 or 1979. One of those 2. The picture was taken by a girl I work with named Alyssa for some kind of class that someone is working on. We spent most of the day taking photos in exotic locales such as under the stage in the HFAC and the local park.

I rendered the photo with a 3-layer technicolor process which I no longer understand because I’m getting more and more stupid. Then, I grabbed some long-exposure “light art” photos off of flickr and used the warp tools to stretch segments of them to do my bidding. Add some color effects and distressed overlays, design a crappy logo, and paste on some filler fonts, and you got yourself a fake poster!

I’m second from the left in the hat.

Concepts Of Nothing.

1 response, Aug 07, 2008

Hi, I painted this concept-art-ish thing today because whenever I look at concept art it makes me really want to draw concept art.  Even when I have nothing specific to conceptualize about.

So Apparently Gangs Do This.

No response, Jul 31, 2008

But I had no idea.  I was already too far along when people started telling me that it’s some sign for drugs or something.  I just thought it was a neat and easy way to add ghetto points to your neighborhood.  In any case, whether it will pass QA or not, here’s some shoes:


There’s No Place…

No response, Jul 22, 2008

…like some random house.

Like most of my stuff, it could be better, but I’ve spent too long on it already.  Cheers!

For Those Of You Who Didn’t Know…

2 responses, Jul 16, 2008

I got hit by a car a month and a half ago:

(The Police like to take their time getting me documents and reports)

(Click for bigger)

Ears and Pearls.

No response, Jul 10, 2008

Progress Shot

There’s a lot in this one that I don’t really like, but there’s a lot in there that I really like. I’m not really gonna say which is what. Really.

My Job Is Weird.

1 response, Jul 08, 2008

Here, I painted this shirt.

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