Aaaand I’m Back.

2 responses, Aug 21, 2009

So I was away in Russia for the summer.  In the meantime, I was accepted into the Animation Program(tm)!  Apparently, they’re going to put me in with the juniors this year effectively bypassing my sophmore year, except I still have to take the sophmore classes that I haven’t taken yet (I’ve taken the 3D ones, just not the traditional ones).  This means I’ll essentially be straddling 2 years in the program.  It should be an interesting adventure.

Anyway, Paige and I are trying to set up our new apartment while Paige starts teaching 7th grade english.  It’s been busy, so not much new, but now that WordPress has released an update that makes this stupid thing fully-compatible with my hosting, hopefully I’ll be able to blog it up more often.

I’ll definitely have stuff to post.  This semester is going to be intense…

Who Sets the Application Deadline for A Major to April 1st?

No response, Apr 01, 2009

So I did it. It only took me 2 years of preparation and pain, but I did it.  I applied.

Here’s what I submitted, all in that red portfolio (except while I was taking these pictures, I looked at the application requirements to double check and saw I didn’t have my top 10 pieces of artistic media I’ve viewed in the past 6 months and why in there, so there was another one of those papers that said “top 10″ on it, and a couple more figure drawings that I didn’t set out there).

Here’s hopin’!

On Unicycles, Ground-Level Apartments, and Local Hooligans: An Adventure Worth Reading.

2 responses, Mar 24, 2009

As some of you know, I own a unicycle. It was a must-have-it birthday gift from my troubled teenage years, and I learned to shakily lurch down the street on it, but never much more. Eventually, my parents got tired of having it hang, barely visible and out of the way in their garage (actually, I offered to take it home), and I brought to our sub-level apartment here in Provo and stuck it in a corner in our below-ground patio-pit. I haven’t ridden it since, mostly due to the fact that there are a good handful of “unicycle guys” at and around BYU and they’re all a little off, so I’d rather avoid the association.  Cars drive past our “patio” frequently, but you would really have to stop and stare for a while to make out what random, dirty junk we have down there, and you would have to press your nose up against the glass to see if anyone was in there during the day.

Which brings me to the hooligans.  Monday, I was sitting in the apartment working on some stuff, a mere 10 feet away from the sliding glass door and the patio when I hear a scuffling and some noise.  I look over and behold a boy, no older than 11 or 12, who was in my patio, heaving my one-wheeled-wonder up onto the street and scrambling up.  It is a testament to how often I ride the stupid thing that for a split second, I resolved myself to no longer having it and accepted the fact that I was being theived, but then I snapped back to the realization that a child was stealing my unicycle of all things and that warranted some action if only because of the bizarre audacity of it.

I bolted out of my apartment through the front door opposite to the patio, and ran around the corner in my socks to see my new friend slip behind the dumpster in the corner.  I know there is a hole in the fence here as it is in plain view when you pull into the parking lot and I see kids cut through there all the time. I give chase and scream “HEY!” as I round the dumpster and begin to scramble through the hole.  In all of my 2nd-degree black-belt glory, I get stuck in the bloody fence as there’s a cross beam right in the way.  Luckily, the sudden appearance of a stalky white bloke oozing his way through their secret fence hole must have scared the hell out of the thief and his 2 accomplices who were waiting, mounted on bikes, behind the fence, because as all true villians and scared children do, the 2 of them took off on their bikes as fast as they could go.  The thief, however, was not so lucky. He had an entire 3rd wheel to deal with, and I caught him at a disadvantage as he hadn’t had enough time to mount up in order to flee.  As I clambored through the fence, he dropped the unicycle, which landed on his bike which was laying on the ground and turned to fly on foot.  However, as I wrestled with the splinters, he apparently thought that facing his victim was more worthwhile than giving his victim a new child’s size bicycle for his trouble, and he cautiously returned after running a few steps repeating “I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry…”

After the fence puked me out of its stranglehold, I rose to my fully-slouched 6-feet and asked the only question my adrenaline-saturated mind could come up with: “So, wait, what the hell?!” Randy, as he claimed to be called, apologized profusely and had nothing useful to say for himself, and I in the shock and adventure of the moment, had no questions. It was as if we both simultanously realized how ridiculous the whole situation was as a 12-year-old had just tried to steal a clown bicycle from a college student in Provo, Utah so I made him promise never to come back around my place to steal my stuff again to which he agreed.  I also pointed out that his friends were retarded. The negotiations were over quickly and he was eager to race away and go put pennies on railroad tracks or smoke dope or whatever 12-year-old hoodlums do these days.

It was an adventure, and the only conclusion I can really draw from the whole thing is that my life must be pretty damn boring since the adrenaline this minor crime brought about nearly knocked me out.

So here’s to you, Randy: What a great way to launch your successful life of crime.

Sketchbooking Swedish Furniture.

No response, Mar 09, 2009

Sketchbooking is pretty fun.  At least it usually is when there isn’t an ominous, life-changing deadline hanging over me.  Still, I’m managing to make discoveries, learn, test, and experiment which is what the sketchbook is all about.

Ikea and the Bean Museum of Dead Shlacked Animals.
Click for bigger versions.
(Sorry for the bleeding marker. I turn the page and forget there are drawings on the other side sometimes.)

Wind Farms

No response, Mar 01, 2009

So the application deadline for my major is in a month from today.  Ohcraohcrapohcrap.

I love wind farms. A lot of people see them as kind of a NIMBY thing, but I can’t understand that at all. Even all environmental benefits aside, (I loved them long before “going green” was a twinkle in the hipster graphic designer’s eye) they’re just these huge, massive, other-worldly contructs. They have enormous moving parts that sometimes barely move at all and other times look like they’re going to blast off sideways into another dimension, and they make hardly any noise at all which just adds to the fascinating vibes they give off.  They are giant, gentle beasts.

So Spanish Fork has a wind farm and I went out to sketch them yesterday. I found this killer side road that leads down to the pit they’re all set in, and pulled over and was sketching away, listening to music when my music suddenly stopped.  My iPod was still going strong, but I had killed my car battery.  I found it slightly ironic that my car’s electric battery died while I was sketching power plants. In any case, that’s why you’ll see some roadside assistance numbers on my pages. I hope that impresses the animation program faculty when they review my sketchbook in a month.


USA Today, you make things too easy.

1 response, Jan 20, 2009

This is less political comentary and more just taking advantage of USA Today’s incredible front page photo/headline choice.  What were they really going for, I wonder?

Nothing was added or changed other than the Jedi paraphenalia.

The “Ghost” project, aka “X-ing”

1 response, Dec 17, 2008

Ok, so this is way old news, but still applicable.  The BYU Animation senior project this year was given the working title “Ghost” back when it was started because it has a ghost in it.  Not that creative.  It was given another tentative title of “Heartburned” because it was also a love story and it kind of ended with a huge explosion, so that was clever.  Over the summer, the entire story was revamped and there was no more explosion, plus people didn’t really ever take to the pun-tacular title, so it needed a new title.

I came up with “X-ing” as I lied in bed one night.  It has a few different connections to the story, and any given viewer can interpret it in any way they want: “XING” is what is on signs that denote things are going to be jumping in front of your car, which happens in the film. “Crossing” (as the title is pronounced) brings a few things to mind including double-crossing or crossing over to the other side, both of which occur in the film. Finally, the “X” in crossing denotes death, which is a central theme (or perhaps merely a plot device?) in the film.  All together, I thought that the title brought to mind images of roads, signs, death, and danger which in my opinion was a great, meaningful, dynamic title.

Apparently a majority of the people on the team agreed and they voted in my title.  I already had an idea for a title logo, and since I came up with the title, it was given to me to comp out a logo.  As such, this is what is currently printed and mounted on our progress wall in the viewing room.

New theme-stuffs.

No response, Dec 16, 2008

So I think I’ve been able to get most of the stupid bloat out of this theme.  Theme-smiths like to put all kinds of fun things in their stuff like ads tied to their own AdSense accounts so they make money off the blogs that use their designs and such.  I don’t roll that way.  I like this one mostly because it is a bit more understandable than my last one and hopefully wont crash my admin backend like the last one.  Plus  is has a nice, high-res header for me to fiddle with. It isn’t automatically randomized, though, so that’s lame.  Maybe I can cobble something together.

Anyway, cheers, and I’ll try to post more of my various shenanigans. I’ll post some sketchbook stuff once I get my sketchbook back from my figure drawing professor and get my terrible grade.  Woop!

Oh, also, check out my delicious feed on the right there. It’ll automatically update with my newest and most awesome bookmarks if you’re interested in what I deem useful enough to want to look up later.  Also, there’s a proper RSS button now, so you can subscribe to me if you wish.

Christmas and such.

1 response, Dec 12, 2008

So some of you may know that I took to doing some freelance almost a year ago and landed a one-time, 20-hour job with a client who owns and runs a gaming center in Florida.  Hundreds of hours and a good handful of this client’s jobs later, he asks me to design some window graphics for his storefront as the mall he leases from requires their stores to be festive for the holidays.  So I flexed all the creative muscles I have and painted over some screenshots of some of the most well-known games that have come out recently and made them all Christmasy and sent him some comps for feedback.

Apparently, he was planning on just cutting something out of vinyl and was looking for a simple, 1-color little design.  :\  This amateur designer needs to work on his communication skills.

In any case, these are kinda fun, so here they are.  Thumbs with a link to the original underneath, so those of you who have no idea what these games are can actually see what I did.

Merry Christmas!

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2


Halo 3

Halo 3


World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft



No response, Dec 06, 2008

Paige wants this on a t-shirt or something, but I’ll have to make it have a better joke than “haha, he can’t use a computer”. That’s like something I would’ve put on a shirt when I was 16. I put a lot of stupid stuff on shirts when I was 16…

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