Paige’s Classroom, Part 1

Aug 22, 2012 I 1.21 Jiggawatts!.

My wife, Paige is a junior high school English teacher. She’s awesome and has a way cooler job than I do. When she asked if I would help her design some stuff for her classroom, of course I agreed. Anything to combat the terrible, awful “design” that has permeated public education for far too long.

She had some posters that had some state-mandated writing tips on them. They were awful. They employed stock photos, bevels and embossing, drop shadows, mismatched fonts, photos mixed with illustrated elements… they made me want to puke.

I blitzed all 6 of them in one night and made these:

In addition, Paige is also teaching ethos, pathos, and logos to her students this year. I did a large poster for each:

Take that, bad schoolastic design!

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  1. Supermar Says:

    Bravo. Way to stick it to the man…design style. Love the light bulb poster. Really good use of a picture to illustrate both idea and content (ie-the light bulb of course represents an idea, but is broken down into its parts representing the content.) Nice.

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