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Apr 24, 2012 I Roads? Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads..

So funny thing about that payphone project. As I said, I worked most of the weekend on it and really put some time into it, and I was pretty pleased with the resulting renders. They looked nice and shiny and all of that neat stuff. However, when I showed it around to some artist friends and posted it on some game art forums, the reaction was universally negative, in a few instances, strongly so. It was kind of a day of getting kicked in the artistic junk. Nothing humbles you like getting kicked in the artistic junk. So I’m not gonna take it down or anything. It’s currently up on my portfolio as I feel it’s at least an indication that I can do some high-poly modeling, but I’m working now on a project that I’ll be able to replace it with.

Hours you spend on a project do not inherently earn it artistic or design value. I had to fight back that all-too familiar novice artist feeling that “Well, I spent x number of hours and worked hard on it, so it’s good!” Sometimes you produce crap stuff, and sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. So goes the learning. Don’t let your effort blind you to the process of getting better and roll with the critiques: they are more valuable than any amount of praise.

Also, on the subject of critiques, get them often and get them early. Maybe if I had shopped my sketches around more, I would’ve been posting a genuinely good piece.

These are my lessons (hopefully) learned this week, and you know what? If I remember them, it was a productive weekend after all. :)

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