Sep 10, 2011 I 1.21 Jiggawatts!.

Anthony Holden put the word out on his blog about a call to arms for the Internets about a guy named Mike. Mike is a special-needs pensioneer who spends his days working at a fast food place and amassing an impressive collection of Superman comics and memorabelia. Cool. Not too long ago, a dick that worked with Mike pretended to be his friend and feigned interest in his Superman collection long enough to get an invite to go check it out, after which he promptly stole it. Not cool.

The Internet has saw fit to flood Mike with all new, mostly all original Superman memorabilia to help him get started on his new collection and show him that the world isn’t full of super-dicks. Here’s my effort, done in good ol’ pen-and-ink on real paper. Mike will get the original, of course.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman as he is the least-interesting comic book hero of all time. Invincibility has a way of watering down the drama. Then again, Superman is kinda boring UNLESS he was real. THEN he would be the most badass thing anyone’s ever heard of. Here’s hoping these drawings make him a little more real for a big fan.

PS I would be remiss if I posted this without mentioning the likes of Joe Olson and Chris Battle whose styles I mercilessly ripped off for this piece. Standing on the shoulders of giants.

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