Second Car.

Jun 15, 2011 I 1.21 Jiggawatts!.

My plans for this environment involve 2 cars: one that you drive (which if I have my way I’ll have to rig and script in Unreal, which will be fun) and one that you see as part of the landscape so to speak. Both of these cars are involved in a lengthy race of sorts, so hence the road-warrior-esque modifications and additions they’ve added, most notably obnoxious antennae used for communication between cars. Also, as stated before, the period is “hyper-70s” so they also need to look the decade. Here’s car number 2, which uses the Lamborghini Miura as a base.

This is obviously nothing more than a doodle, but it allowed me to scribble about and try some things. It’s been hard for me to look at a picture of a car and then draw something totally different but still give it the essence of what’s in the picture. You can see where I’m fiddling with giving the Lambo Miura either Porsche or Jaguar headlights, police interceptor-style bumper pads (for rugged-icity), and a Countach-style spoiler in the back. I also got to fiddle with the shoulders and hips of the car as they are the base of the Miura. I drew all of this on there and either covered one side or the other to compare looks, or erased and re-drew various elements to try to kit-bash an original but derivitive 70s supercar.

Here’s the ortho I then drew based off the above doodle. Drawing and designing a car has been a completely different experience so far than drawing people. With this guy, it felt much more sculptural, laying down a line, and then shaving off edges and finding various corners to slice off in order to streamline. Many, many 70s sports cars had that tapering backend as I’ve drawn here and in the previous car. I’ve retained the rugged bumper pads and added a ridiculously large intake as an element. I also changed the spoiler from a more modern wing to this retro one. I found that much of the car looked relatively modern so adding that olde timey spoiler hopefully knocked it back a couple decades. It worked for Pixar in Cars, anyway.

More to come as I get into blocking out the actual landscape!

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