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Wait, I have classes this semester?

No response, Nov 18, 2010

Digital painting plods on, along with my other 17 credits.

Line art by Sam Nielsen, world-renown digital painter and teacher of BYU animation students.

It’s another planet, you see.


1 response, Nov 17, 2010

So space-kid is on hold for the moment as Dominance War V has started up. Dominance War is a contest among a good handful of CG and video game art forums and communities that’s held every-so-often. Basically, the Dominance War world is a very broad distant future dystopian world where cities have been smashed to ruble, there’s constant war, and there’s also magic and robots and demons and soldiers and stuff. This setting is used as an anchor for artists all over the world who are members of these online communities to create original game art to preset specifications and then everyone submits their finished stuff and votes on it and people win fame and glory. Think of it as an online video game art olympics.

One of the main events is the 3d character event. They usually have a pre-game round for fast-deadline, low-resolution pieces followed by the long drawn-out main battle. It’s a pretty well-run and well-known set of contests and if you place in, say, the top 50, it’s not unheard of to put that on your resume.

ANYWAY, D-War V’s pre-war has started up, and I’m throwing down with a couple school friends of mine. It’s a low-poly character that needs to be done by December 5th or something. We were all given 4 different character types: a General, a Technomage, a Scary Ninja Type Guy, or a Disturbing Demon Evilness Thing. I’m paraphrasing. The only one that really interested me was the Technomage, a physically weaker crafter/creater/spell caster-type person.

So I’m trying a few different things with her. Reading the description, I couldn’t get a craftsman or blacksmith out of my head, oddly enough. Since DW has such a weird premise (so as to encompass all kinds of genres), I thought well it’s the future, it’s dystopian, and it’s magic. I tried to touch on all of these things like this chick is a blacksmith-of-all-trades. She crafts with steel and wood, embues with magic, and adds advanced technology to create devices and items that can call down all kinds of crazy stuff.

Additionally, I thought that while regular smiths would have accidents and lose pieces of fingers, I figured a cyberpunk-magics-smith would have accidents and blow off whole pieces of their body, so she’s only got 1 breast and her left ribcage/arm/hand has been replaced by an implant of her own design. The pinky is a welding torch.

Next up is modeling! She will look drastically different as the poly limit is quite low, but we’ll see how much detail I can squeeze out of the polygons. She’ll look much closer to the concept come texture time.


No response, Nov 09, 2010

Or kids, I guess. Spacekids.

A bit more about this kid: He’s a genius and old before his time. I tried putting more lines in his face to depict that, but I’m not sure it worked. I think he just came out looking like a really tiny, young, old man, if that makes any kind of sense (it doesn’t). The consensus was that 01 was best, but I stole a couple elements from 02 for the final design.

I’ve got a couple props that go with him as well, such as the sidearm that he’s supposed to be resting his right hand on.

Next step is ortho model sheets and then off into the 3rd dimension!

Character Designage

2 responses, Oct 23, 2010

I have some little projects in the pipe getting ready to post. I need to get a good chunk of new content done for February when my SOE stuff launches and I can update my reel. In the meantime, though, here’s something that’s in its earliest stages:

I know it’s early and ambiguous and whatever, but please feel free to tell me what you think in the comments. Faces are by far my weakest element right now. I can draw a body and make it look like this or like that, but when I draw a face, I’m just struggling to make it look not deformed. I don’t really have any control beyond that, so feel free to comment.

More Costume Design

1 response, Jun 10, 2010

Since I leave for San Diego and SOE on Saturday, I’m having to cram in projects and finals this week. The last day of classes is the day I start at SOE, so my professors were good enough to work with me on that. Thanks, professors.

The final project for Costume Design is 4 character renderings from a production of our choice that is set before 1920 or some such date. I chose “A Doll’s House” at Paige’s recommendation. Here are the initial sketches:

When next I post, I’ll be at SOE!

Costume Design (or) Theater People Are Weird

No response, Jun 04, 2010

So I’m taking a costume design class this term. The animation program is actually a major cobbled together by hacking classes off of other programs and smushing them all into one. As such, I think we can get major credit for classes out of at least 6 different programs, one of these being Theater and Media Arts. Costume design is a theater class.

(Click for biggers)

So here are some sketches of 2 characters from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”. One, the Duke Orsino, is a love-crazed duke who wants this countess who hates his guts. Viola is a shipwrecked foreigner (I have worked Ukrainian influences into her costume to denote her foreign-ness, so I guess she’s Ukrainian) who disguises herself as a boy and befriends Orsino and falls in love with him while she tries to help him court this other lady. Pretty Shakespearian. Sorry for the spoilers, but they get together in the end (hey, it’s one of Shakespeare’s comedies, so of course they do).

Anyway, its a weird class as I’m the only guy in it and the rest are theater girls who are very happy about stage and stuff. My teacher is also quite knowledgeable about clothing and costume. I guess it’s a theater prerequisite. It’s taken us the entire class to get to the part where we actually draw and design stuff, so here they are! I’ll be taking Viola through to a final render and I’ll have 4 or so more renders from a different show as that is the final. Enjoy!

3-Day Maquette: Final Progress

1 response, Apr 21, 2010

Maquette that is due Wednesday, tomorrow.

Step 7: Detail shapes (ears, tail) and more texture.

Click for bigger.

More, better photos will come tomorrow.

This was the first maquette I ever attempted. Its a kangaroo-based character, obviously, but with gorilla’s arms. There are also flavors of rabbit and kangaroo rat in there as well.

What I would do different: The armature needed a bit more work, and I should have definitely gotten a higher-guage wire for it. I used some low-guage “armature wire” from an art store, which was kind of stupid since I could’ve just gone to get some 12- or 14-guage wire from Home Depot for cheaper and it would’ve served better to keep limbs and things in the right places as I worked. Also, I should have spent more forethought with the aluminum and not tried so hard to replicate the shape of the subject, but just bulk up the armature. There were (are) a lot of places on him where the foil is either slightly visible or just barely under the sculpy. In fact, I bulked him up WAY too much under his right shoulder and I had to go in with wire cutters and hack through the armature so I could shrink his elephantitis. I also set out without a real vision of what I wanted the end result to be, so I used a printing block with some kind of linoleum or vinyl coating on it, so I’m not sure how the baking would go if I decided to do it.

He could definitely be worked over a bunch more: smoothed out and detailed more carefully, but deadlines are deadlines, so I’m calling him good for now. I love projects like this that force me to learn a whole bunch of different things about a whole bunch of different things, which as a student, is pretty much every project I immerse myself in.

3-Day Maquette: Progress 06

No response, Apr 21, 2010

Maquette that is due Wednesday, tomorrow.

Step 6: Flesh out head shapes and texture.

Click for bigger.

3-Day Maquette: Progress 05

No response, Apr 21, 2010

Maquette that is due Wednesday, tomorrow.

Step 5: Begin right side in more detail.

Click for bigger.

3-Day Maquette: Progress 04

No response, Apr 20, 2010

Maquette that is due Wednesday, 2 days from now.

Step 4: Begin fleshing out more detail.

Click for bigger.