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Phonos: A phone company.

No response, Apr 11, 2012

Another logo for another fictitious company. This time it’s a phone company. Meant to be an 80s-era futurist (ie the way the 80s thought the future would look), shady, untrustworthy company that would almost assuredly be listening in to your conversation.

As with most of my graphic design, this is for a 3D project I’m working on. I’m finding as my employment is in flux, reasons for working on personal projects change so I end up jumping among 3 or so different projects. They’ll all be pretty neat once they’re all done!

Figure Drawings (Warning: Human Bodies)

No response, Apr 01, 2012

Instead of playing Tribes all night, I instead drew some figures from reference. The goal was to focus on anatomy, but not so much on exact replication. Replication is useful if you work as a medical illustrator, but not so much if you are looking to create as interesting a drawing as possible. These were done in 0.9mm mechanical pencil on 3×5.5-inch Disney Interactive sticky notes. Sticky notes are the best sketchbook.

Costume Studies 03

No response, Mar 26, 2012


No response, Mar 24, 2012

Weekend of work has turned into a weekend of coughing and having a cold.

Costume Studies 02.

No response, Mar 22, 2012


Quick one tonight. Gearing up for weekend of work.

Art Deco Project – Decorative Relief Stone Panels

No response, Mar 19, 2012

More on the art deco project. Here are the initial finished sketches for some relief sculpted panels that will make up most of the 2nd floor. I’ll be finishing these pieces out themselves as well as reproducing the designs in 3D.

Power and Craftsmanship:

Beauty and Technology:

Wisdom and Learning:

And for funsies, the sketches that I scanned in and used to start me off:

Art Deco Project – Building Supports

No response, Mar 19, 2012

Working on a deceivingly intensive art deco building project that is requiring a LOT of decorative design work. It’s a project I’ve resurrected from a long time ago. Back then, I was going for speed, so I had thrown together a sculptural support cap from an old character model I had made for something else, but since I’m taking more time with it now, I thought I would make a unique to replace the old one. Here’s the concept:

The design might change a bit based on feedback, but the plan is to have her made of stone like the rest of the building with the drapery made of bronze to match other decorative elements on the building. Look for the 3D version sometime.

Costume Studies.

No response, Mar 16, 2012

If the next chunk of stuff I post seems to all be exhibiting a wide array of costuming, it is because a group of us at work are doing a costume-based exercise per day. So yeah.

Chicks in SPAAAAACE!!

No response, Mar 05, 2012

So a random idea turns into a bus doodle which turns into a photoshopified design which I’ll probably use to try out screenprinting with. Wish me luck!

And the bus sketch (this is not in any way a Disney thing, I merely used the company notepad to draw on, which is what I’m primarily drawing on these days it seems…)

Character Design Final – aka WHOA NEW POST

3 responses, Dec 17, 2011

And so is vanquished my final semester of actual, real college. The only thing between me and an actual diploma (just the one, despite completing 2 majors. THANKS, BYU!) is a measly online course to be completed at my leisure.

On a professional level, I’m still at Avalanche (aka Disney Interactive), working on a title that I hope will be announced soon because typing out “Unannounced Title” is almost as annoying as having to type out “(aka Disney Interactive)”.

On to the arts!
One of the last classes in my college career was a character design class taught by Ryan Woodward of “Thought of You” fame. I’ve been posting some of my more successful pieces on Facebook because no one looks at my blog when I just link to posts on Facebook, but I’ll throw the final up. In school lately, I’ve been coming up with broad concepts for larger projects and then using that setting to fuel individual assignments across multiple classes. In other words, if I’m taking a digital painting class, a character design class, and a storyboarding class, I’ll try to do a painting, design some characters, and storyboard a sequence all base on related subject matter so they all relate to each other. It helps flesh out an idea in a variety of ways while fulfilling assignments and giving me a pre-built base from which to draw my design.

So I’ve had this idea for an adventure/racing video game set in a world where it always has been and always will be the 70s (hyper-70s!). The general storyline is based off of the Cannonball Run outlaw cross-country races (the real races, not the stupid and/or so-bad-it’s-good movie). I have been working in this setting on various projects for a few months now, as I initially created it for an environment project at work. That’s still in progress, but unfortunately on hold, but I did a ton of design and storycrafting to help fuel that, so for Ryan’s character design final, where we had to design 4 characters and several environments, all from one story, I decided to go with my 70s project and really produce some conceptual personalities as well as a look and feel for how humans look in this world, as well as nail down some story beats while I was at it. Like I said, fleshing out a broader idea through multiple projects.

Each have synopses to read. Feel free to read them or not. ARTS:

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