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Hungry? Grab a Completely Non-Branded Generic Candy Bar That Isn’t Snickers!

1 response, Jul 01, 2008

The parade of paintings of inanimate objects continues with a candy bar that isn’t a Snickers! I had a choice to either use the even-more generic “CANDY”, but I went with my own name because I’m narcissistic. We artists can be like that.

I’m actually not that proud of this one, but deadlines, so whaddyagonnado?

Meep meep.

1 response, Jun 26, 2008

Progress 01

Progress 02

Progress 03

So working for BYU Independent Study presents a lot of random projects, most of which you would never choose to undertake yourself. You’re forced to do them regardless, though, and it usually ends up looking pretty good. The ASL course I’m on right now has a lesson that calls for pictures of a whole mess of random inanimate objects, the largest of which was a car, so I grabbed a stock photo and was off to the races. Some of the lines and perspectives are off a bit, but considering I only started digi-painting at all a few months ago, I’m pleased with (and sick of) it.

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